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Reimagining the Recruitment Experience

If you’re managing recruitment for your institution, program, or group, Harpier is here to support you every step of the way.

In today’s world, personalized experiences are the key to success. That’s why we’re on a mission to transform the recruitment experience, benefiting both recruiters and their prospects.

Join us on this journey to personalize recruitment. You will create a recruitment experience that is more successful.

The Core KPI We Solve For – Boosted Recruitment Yield

People often engage in a game of predicting outcomes when it comes to figuring out where they want to go. They ask questions like, “Is this the place that will help me achieve my goals?” or “Can you provide insights or, better yet, assurances about what the future holds for me if I come be a part of what you’re doing?”

We address these questions by sharing the success stories of your alumni—individuals who have passed through your group—and demonstrate where it led them.

Imagine this scenario: You are trying to recruit a prospect that you’re genuinely excited about, and you’re eager to have them commit officially. Recognizing that personal stories are the most effective way to convey (1) what their future might look like and (2) why they should choose you, during a team meeting, you inquire if anyone is aware of an alum whose story closely aligns with the prospect’s journey. Better yet, you explore the possibility of an alum connecting with the prospect to share their experiences.

In this situation, if you’re fortunate, you might discover a relevant alum story online that you can share, or someone may have a contact who can facilitate the connection.

Now, you have a prospect with a significantly higher chance of committing.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial if you are able to provide every prospect with a fitting alumni story and you even have the opportunity to connect them with an alum willing to share their experiences directly?

That’s precisely what we offer at Harpier; we systematize this process. Using our recommendation mechanism that considers the profile and preferences of each prospect, at an instant you will generate curated stories about relevant alumni and facilitate connections with them for every prospect with ease.

Our aim is to help you enhance the recruitment experience and make the outcomes more tangible for prospects, leading to a higher rate of commitment with Harpier, as they can envision their future with you more clearly.

The Solution – Envisioning the Journey

With an increasing array of options available to prospects and their parents, it’s crucial to help them vividly envision their journey within your program.

At Harpier, we specialize in delivering personalized alumni stories and facilitating scalable connections between prospects and alumni through our innovative recommendation mechanism. This mechanism seamlessly combines the power of personalization with the convenience of automation.

Our solution enables you to showcase the ROI your program provides by presenting tailored stories to the right prospects and their parents without straining your resources.

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How It Works:


You share your program’s goals and receive a tailored solution priced according to your individual needs.

No need to create anything new; we leverage your existing alumni stories. If unavailable, don’t worry; we handle the research and codification of alumni stories on your behalf.

You receive a fully functioning, customized microsite with the application seamlessly integrated into your website within 1-4 weeks, based on the project scope.

Personalized Experience Curation:

By leveraging the codified alumni stories, we transform them into personalized narratives for each prospect and their parents, guiding them to envision a successful future within your program and beyond.

Throughout the recruitment process, we ensure that your alumni enjoy the experience, keeping them activated and engaged. This enhances the overall prospect and alum experience for your benefit.

This ensures a win-win-win scenario.

Effortless Backend Management:

We are here to support you. Our technology mechanism is specifically designed to align with the data structures you are already using, ensuring a seamless integration and enhancing efficiency without adding to your technological challenges.

It’s crucial to emphasize that you maintain complete ownership of and access to all alumni data associated with your program. Our role is to assist you in optimizing and repurposing this data to seamlessly align with your specific goals.

Why Choose Us?

With over a decade of experience in recruitment, we have guided numerous prospects and parents through their selection process. During this period, we conducted an extensive study on the psychology behind what matters most to them.

Drawing on this research, we’ve developed a distinctive technological solution that empowers programs like yours to leverage this knowledge, enhancing the experience for all stakeholders while optimizing your resources towards achieving your specific key performance indicators (KPIs).

From the very first step of introducing the system to prospects and parents, we observe an immediate increase in interactions, subsequently leading to a higher recruitment yield.

Unlock Greater Success: Join Harpier Today!

Take the first step towards transforming your recruitment-related experience. Schedule a demo with us or let us know how Harpier can assist your program so that we can connect and explore together. Let’s collaborate to shape a brighter future for your institution and its incoming team members.