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Curating Experiences

That Connect and Convert

Welcome To Harpier

Why We Do What We Do

1. Illuminating Value Perception: Prospective students and parents are increasingly questioning the value and return on investment (ROI) of institutional education, both in general and with regard to specific institutions.

2. Improving Alumni Satisfaction: Alumni often express dissatisfaction with their alumni experiences at their alma maters while yearning to give back and contribute to their institutions.

3. Addressing Resource Constraints: Institutional Counselors and Independent Consultants are grappling with budgetary and time constraints, which are exacerbating mental health issues.

How We Do What We Do

At Harpier, we specialize in empowering counselors to harness the transformative potential of storytelling, infused with cutting-edge technology and genuine human connection.

Storytelling Reinvented:
We champion the impact of alumni stories, and the distinctive patterns they contain.
Recognizing the uniqueness of individuals and their preferences, our method systematically identifies these patterns to curate the right stories for each person.

The Tech-Human Fusion:
We understand that achieving success requires blending technology with genuine human interaction.
Guided by this principle, we meticulously design solutions to curate meaningful experiences for everyone involved. Our objective is to provide counselors with the necessary tools and support for better outcomes.

What We Do

At Harpier, we focus on Curating Experiences That Connect and Convert at the intersection of the middle of the enrollment funnel and the base of the fundraising pyramid.

1. Sharing Impactful Stories
2. Making Meaningful Connections
3. Boosting Conversion
                           -> Boosting Enrollment
                           -> Boosting (Alumni) Giving
                                      (time and money)

Experience the Future of Counseling with Harpier!

Discover the power of personalized guidance and support for your counseling journey. With Harpier by your side, you can excel in your crucial role and empower your students and alumni like never before. Join us now to access the tools and assistance you need for greater success, both for yourself and those you guide.