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Empowering Counselors

Elevating Lives

Welcome To Harpier

Unveiling the Harpier Analogy:

Harpier takes its name from the mystical owl that was a loyal companion to Merlin, who, in turn, provided counsel to King Arthur. Similarly, we see ourselves as dedicated assistants for counselors, who play the role of wizards in our narrative, guiding their own heroes – the students – in whatever challenge they are facing.

Unlocking the Power of Counselors:

Counselors, you are the frontline heroes who make the entire educational environment function daily – you know it, and we know it. We are here to equip you with the tools essential for excelling in your critical roles.

The student’s journey is rife with ongoing challenges, and they often lack the necessary support to navigate them effectively. While you, in your role as a counselor, are always ready to prioritize others and offer assistance, you also have numerous individuals to assist and a wide range of other responsibilities to manage. Moreover, if you can provide the appropriate help, it often takes a toll on your mental health, making it an unsustainable solution.

Harpier addresses this gap by providing tailored solutions designed precisely to meet your unique needs and those of your institution. This, in turn, ensures that you can offer the guidance and support required for individuals to stay on track and make effective progress on their path to success.

The Essence

At Harpier, we are leveraging the power of storytelling and technology in order to curate resonant experiences and drive success.

Storytelling Reinvented:
We believe in the potency of stories and the patterns they carry. 
Our unique approach codifies the essence and themes within stories and repurpose them into tailored narratives for each individual.

Singular Focus on the Users and the Relationships Amongst Them:
We believe that every single person is unique and has unique needs. We design all of our solutions with that in mind.
We empower all counselors and other stakeholders to participate and collaborate with the same goal in mind, the success of the individuals they help.

The Tech-Human Fusion: 
We understand that achieving great results requires the perfect blend of technology AND human care.
We empower counselors with technology so that they can focus on the human things and create better results for all involved.

B2B Plug-and-Play Solution:

Harpier is a plug-and-play subscription-based SaaS solution designed for the B2B environment. By choosing it, you get a seamlessly integrated solution, making your work smoother and more impactful.

Experience the Future of Counseling with Harpier!

Discover the power of personalized guidance and support for your counseling journey. With Harpier by your side, you can excel in your crucial role and empower your students like never before. Join us now to access the tools and assistance you need for greater success, both for yourself and those you guide.