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Harpier for Institutions and Guidance Professionals

Helping You Inform Your Practice

Helping You Inform Your Practice By Providing You With Powerful Personal Development Resources

As a life coach, counsellor, or other guidance and support professional, you know that no individual client’s personal development needs are the same. Because of this, you need to take a tailored approach when designing the steps your clients should take to succeed in their goals.

At Harpier, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all personal development solution. Like you, we understand the importance of having access to multiple personal development resources. Our information and resource app can provide you and your clients with all they need to progress according to plan.

Follow Up on the Development Plans You Put in Place

Harpier comes with a built-in function for guidance professionals on their clients’ profiles. While you’re able to help them map out their personal progression path, your clients are given the comfort and confidence to work through materials alone.

In your sessions, you’ll be able to view the progress they’ve made and ask questions surrounding their experience. This way, you can figure out which Harpier resources they can proceed with next.

Enhancing Your Services By Providing The Following Support:
  • Online courses and lessons to advance your clients’ skills and knowledge
  • Step-by-step personal development resources tailored to specific paths and trajectories
  • Contact points for other professionals who can assist your clients in areas you are not qualified

Consider us your personal assistant standing at the filing cabinet, handing you the resources you know your client needs to achieve their personal development goals. Through Harpier, our goal is to enhance your services as a guidance professional, not to detract or diminish them. Our all-encompassing information and resource app comprises all you need to amplify your services and keep your clients accountable!