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College Counseling

Reimagining Care for Your Students

If you’re involved with college counseling, Harpier is here to support you every step of the way.

In today’s world, equipping your students with personalized tools is the key to success. That’s why we’re on a mission to transform the student experience, benefiting both counselors and students.

Join us on this journey to personalize the care of each student’s journey. Together, we’ll make the journey more successful for all.

The Core KPI We Solve For – Clarity of Journey Steps

Students and parents care about outcomes. They choose to work with you in order to take the right steps and go to the right college for them.

They ask questions like, “How are you able to help me achieve my goals?”, “Can you show me what steps I need to take and how my future might look like with your help?” and it is not enough to tell them about a list of colleges your alumni chose to attend.

You obviously cannot guarantee any results as each student is responsible for their own success but when they ask these questions, they are seeking assurance that you not only have a specific game plan and vision for them but also possess the necessary tools to lead them to success.

If you are able to provide these assurances about the overall process structure, they will be confident in working with you and the overall collaboration will be more efficient and pleasant for all.

That’s precisely what we help you solve at Harpier; we provide you and your students with Stories of Outcomes which enables you to showcase the potential direction and ROI for every single individual based on their profile and preferences.

Along with Stories of Outcomes, Harpier provides you and your students with a Journey Tracker that considers every student’s goals and provides all stakeholders clarity within all of the steps during the journey, leading to a higher rate of success.

Harpier’s Journey Tracker allows for transparency of what steps were done, what is currently needed and what is yet to be attacked by your students and/or you so that you can then focus on the things that you do best (and that are most enjoyable) – the actual counseling.

These solutions seamlessly combine the power of personalization with the convenience of automation so that your students can have the best experience and you can achieve great results both in individual cases and at scale.

Solution #1 – Stories of Outcomes

Your task is to help students envision their successful future at a given institution in order to help them commit to one.

You know that drawing on personal Stories of Outcomes that resonate with your students is a key to helping them make decisions about the next steps on their journey.

At Harpier, we specialize in providing a recommendation mechanism that helps you curate Stories of Outcomes for your students and facilitating connections with the protagonists of these stories (your alumni) in order to help guide them into their most successful future.

These Stories of Outcomes serve not only during the journey management process itself but you can also use them to show your future students your success stories from the past thus addressing the question why they should trust you and work with you.

Solution #2 – Journey Tracker

You have a big responsibility. You take care of a large number of students while having limited time and energy to give to each one.

With an increasing array of demands, both educational and non-educational, being pressed upon students, having a functional Journey Tracker for all their activities is crucial.

At Harpier, we specialize in helping you manage the individual student’s journeys at scale through our innovative tracking mechanism that focuses on managing all the completed and to-be-completed steps in detail so that there are less errors and more clarity within the journey.

This Journey Tracker not only benefits students but also extends its advantages to other stakeholders, including counselors and parents, ensuring a focused approach to key aspects crucial for a successful journey.

How It Works:


You share your counseling goals and values and receive a tailored solution priced according to your individual needs.

Our solution blends the power of personalization with the convenience of automation, ensuring that each prospective student receives a personalized tracker on your behalf without straining your resources.

You receive a fully functioning, customized app within 1-4 weeks, based on the project scope.

Personalized Experience Curation:

By leveraging your already established processes, we create an environment for all of your students and their parents, guiding them to envision a successful future and managing every step on their way.

Throughout the student’s journey, we help you ensure that your students enjoy the experience, keeping them activated and engaged. This enhances the overall student and parent experience for your benefit.

This ensures a win-win-win scenario.

Effortless Backend Management:

We are here to support you. Our technology mechanism is specifically designed to align with the data structures you are already using, ensuring a seamless integration and enhancing efficiency without adding to your technological challenges.

It’s crucial to emphasize that you maintain complete ownership of and access to all data associated with your individuals. Our role is to assist you in optimizing your processes to seamlessly align with your specific goals.

Why Choose Us?

With more than a decade of educational consulting experience, we’ve guided countless students and parents through the school selection process. During this period, we conducted an extensive study of the psychology behind what matters most to students and their families.

Drawing on this research, we’ve crafted a distinctive technological solution that empowers counselors to use their time better. With Harpier, they can support their individuals properly in order to achieve success while enjoying the journey more as well.

Unlock Greater Success: Join Harpier Today!

Take the first step towards transforming your counseling-related experience. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and discover how Harpier can assist you. Let’s collaborate to shape a brighter future for you and your students.