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Our purpose is clear: to support counselors in their mission to guide individuals successfully through the pivotal steps and challenges on their journeys.

We achieve this by assisting counselors individually or by helping institutions become efficient helpers for their members.

A Vision of Empowerment:​

We envision a world where every educational institution is equipped with personalized assistance, empowering counselors to guide individuals towards success.

Harpier aligns all stakeholders toward specific goals, providing them with the best resources needed for success.

Our Unwavering Mission:​

At Harpier, our mission is unwavering – to equip counselors with the tools that lead to efficient, rewarding experiences as they guide individuals through each step and challenge on their journeys.

We’re dedicated to ensuring that counselors have the support they need to make each journey not only successful but also as enjoyable as possible.

Ready to Create Value Together? Let’s Discuss Your Needs!

At Harpier, we are dedicated to serving your needs and helping you achieve your counseling goals. Whether you’re an individual counselor looking for support or an institution seeking efficiency, we’re here for you. Let’s have a conversation about your unique situation and how Harpier can assist you. Contact us today, and together, we can embark on a journey to success and empowerment.